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Pharmacy Technician Tue/Thur - Hybrid

Dates: January 17 - June 27, 2023

Meets: Tu and Th from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Location: SCMA 113

Cost: $2,600.00

Sorry, this course is full.

Open Enrollment ends Tuesday, 1/31/23 by 5pm.

A Pharmacy Technicians assist in various activities of compounding, distributing and dispensing medications, maintaining client records and using skills, knowledge, and training to perform a wide variety of pharmacy related tasks. Upon successful program completion, student will be prepared to take the Pharmacy Technician Certifying Board (PTCB) exam, register as Pharmacy Technician through the Board of Pharmacy of the State of California and work as a competent entry-level assistant under the direction of a Registered Pharmacist.

link to US Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Pharmacy Technician Curriculum:

  • Program: 140 hours

    Tuesdays: In-person lab/lecture

    Thursdays: Online learning via Zoom. Zoom will be for assignments, review, and quizzes. Students will work independently to complete online assignments.

  • Externship Placement: 120 hours Mandatory. Students must be available to work full time hours while on externship.

  • Upon completion of the program student will be required to take and pass the PTCB exam in order to obtain California State License as a Pharmacy Technician.
  • Attention: Students may be required to pass background/drug screening.

    Program Requirements: All you need is a computer and internet connection to join.

  • 18 years of age
  • *High School diploma or equivalent or concurrent enrollment
  • Foreign high school diploma requires complete foreign transcript degree evaluation. Go to: http:/ or http:/
  • * Candidates who are within 60 days of acquiring their high school diploma or equivalent educational diploma will be eligible to apply for the PTCB. PTCB Certification will not be granted until proof of high school completion (or equivalent) is provided to PTCB.

    Additional Expenses: (All fees are subject to change without notice.)

  • $30 Navy Blue Scrubs (approximately)
  • $129 PTCB Exam
  • $195 State License Application
  • Textbooks: $156 link: TBA

    Online registration to Pay-in-Full:

    Located on the top of this page - click on "ENROLL YOURSELF" (Orange color box) Note: if course is full then you will not be able to enroll yourself.

    The system will prompt you to set-up an account and pay with a debit/credit card. The system only takes full payment of $2600. Notify your bank before making the payment to prevent payment from declining.

    Online registration for Payment Plan:

    1. click on "ENROLL YOURSELF"

    2. The system will prompt you to set-up an account.

    3. After you set-up an account. email and request for Payment Plan Agreement.

    4. $600 (initial payment) invoice will be applied to your account for payment by debit/credit card. Initial payment is required to secure your spot.

    5. You will receive a email via DocuSign to sign your payment agreement with 5 monthly payment of $400.

    Whether paying in full or making payments, $300 is NON-REFUNDABLE if a student attends the first day of class; funds are used to purchase course training supplies and to pay for administrative fees. NO REFUNDS AFTER THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS.

    This program is NOT-FOR-CREDIT and NOT eligible for financial aid assistance.

    Jenny Regnart, Pharmacy Technician Coordinator will be emailing all paid enrolled students with more program information.

  • Notes:

    Register Early! If we do not have minimum enrollment 48 hours before class starts, class make be cancelled.

    Program Cancellation Policy:

    Workforce Training Institute may cancel a course at any time prior to the start date due to low enrollment. In the event of this occurring, a full refund will be issued.

    Refund or Transfer Policy:

    To request a refund or to transfer, students must submit a written request to the Workforce Training Institute to Rosalva by emailing Refund or Transfer request approvals may only be made for unusual or mitigating circumstances. Examples of mitigating circumstances include but are not limited to: Death in the family, serious illness, or other reasons which are beyond the student's control. Failing to make academic progress will not constitute eligibility to transfer to a new course or to any type of refund.

    If a student withdraws before the 1st day of class, a $25 Administrative and processing fee will be charged.

    Fee: $2,600.00

    SCMA 113

    Science & Math Building, Room 113

    Jenny Regnart

    Date Day Time Location
    01/17/2023Tuesday5 PM to 8 PM SCMA 113
    01/19/2023Thursday5 PM to 8 PM SCMA 113
    01/24/2023Tuesday5 PM to 8 PM SCMA 113
    01/26/2023Thursday5 PM to 8 PM SCMA 113
    01/31/2023Tuesday5 PM to 8 PM SCMA 113
    02/02/2023Thursday5 PM to 8 PM SCMA 113
    02/07/2023Tuesday5 PM to 8 PM SCMA 113
    02/09/2023Thursday5 PM to 8 PM SCMA 113
    02/14/2023Tuesday5 PM to 8 PM SCMA 113
    02/16/2023Thursday5 PM to 8 PM SCMA 113
    02/21/2023Tuesday5 PM to 8 PM SCMA 113
    02/23/2023Thursday5 PM to 8 PM SCMA 113
    02/28/2023Tuesday5 PM to 8 PM SCMA 113
    03/02/2023Thursday5 PM to 8 PM SCMA 113
    03/07/2023Tuesday5 PM to 8 PM SCMA 113
    03/09/2023Thursday5 PM to 8 PM SCMA 113
    03/14/2023Tuesday5 PM to 8 PM SCMA 113
    03/16/2023Thursday5 PM to 8 PM SCMA 113
    03/21/2023Tuesday5 PM to 8 PM SCMA 113
    03/23/2023Thursday5 PM to 8 PM SCMA 113
    03/28/2023Tuesday5 PM to 8 PM SCMA 113
    03/30/2023Thursday5 PM to 8 PM SCMA 113
    04/04/2023Tuesday5 PM to 8 PM SCMA 113
    04/06/2023Thursday5 PM to 8 PM SCMA 113
    04/11/2023Tuesday5 PM to 8 PM SCMA 113
    04/13/2023Thursday5 PM to 8 PM SCMA 113
    04/18/2023Tuesday5 PM to 8 PM SCMA 113
    04/20/2023Thursday5 PM to 8 PM SCMA 113
    04/25/2023Tuesday5 PM to 8 PM SCMA 113
    04/27/2023Thursday5 PM to 8 PM SCMA 113
    05/02/2023Tuesday5 PM to 8 PM SCMA 113
    05/04/2023Thursday5 PM to 8 PM SCMA 113
    05/09/2023Tuesday5 PM to 8 PM SCMA 113
    05/11/2023Thursday5 PM to 8 PM SCMA 113
    05/16/2023Tuesday5 PM to 8 PM SCMA 113
    05/18/2023Thursday5 PM to 8 PM SCMA 113
    05/23/2023Tuesday5 PM to 8 PM SCMA 113
    05/25/2023Thursday5 PM to 8 PM SCMA 113
    05/30/2023Tuesday5 PM to 8 PM SCMA 113
    06/01/2023Thursday5 PM to 8 PM SCMA 113
    06/06/2023Tuesday5 PM to 8 PM SCMA 113
    06/08/2023Thursday5 PM to 8 PM SCMA 113
    06/13/2023Tuesday5 PM to 8 PM SCMA 113
    06/15/2023Thursday5 PM to 8 PM SCMA 113
    06/20/2023Tuesday5 PM to 8 PM SCMA 113
    06/22/2023Thursday5 PM to 8 PM SCMA 113
    06/27/2023Tuesday5 PM to 8 PM SCMA 113


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